Coffee Table Buying Guide

September 24, 2018 2 min read

At Laura James, we are incredibly proud of our range of contemporary and traditional Coffee Tables. One of the most underrated pieces of furniture in the entire home, coffee tables are a fantastic addition to a living room, using up wasted space whilst providing style, space, functionality and also… a footrest! In this article, we look at some of the most commonly asked questions, we receive from our customers, before showing off a couple of coffee tables we have in stock at the moment.

What is a Coffee Table?

A Coffee Table is a specific type of table, used in living rooms. A Coffee Table is typically placed next to a sofa, or chair and is used to hold hot drinks (or cold ones for that matter) hence the name...typically a coffee table is also used to hold everything from magazines to TV remotes.

Who invented the Coffee Table?

Within furniture circles, it’s accepted by that the coffee table was invented by J.Stuart Foote in the 1920’s. John worked for the Imperial Furniture Company, and created the first coffee table by lowering the legs on a standard dining table.

Where should I put my Coffee Table?

It’s entirely up to you! Whilst some people choose to place them next to a sofa or their favourite chair - others prefer to put them in the centre of the room (within reaching distance from seating) there is no convention here, so just do what suits your home best!

How big should a Coffee Table be?

Again, there are no restrictions here - just try and keep a couple of feet around the edges so you can clearly walk around the coffee table without banging into it.

Coffee Table Care

Firstly, use coasters! Every drink which gets placed on your coffee table should have a coaster underneath it to avoid spillages. Otherwise, dust with a dry cloth - and clean any stains with a very gentle soap solution.

Contemporary Coffee Tables

At last, we can show off a product! This walnut coffee table features a contemporary design, with a lift up shelf - revealing a hidden storage space - absolutely ideal for magazines, remotes & those coasters!

Traditional Coffee Tables

The Corona Coffee table is a much more traditional style of Coffee Table, however it is one which looks good in all styles of interior - including contemporary. It’s made from solid wood, features an antique wax finish and features a spacious draw for keeping clutter out of site.

Coffee Tables from Laura James

You can view our full range of coffee tables, here. Of course, just get in touch if you have any questions about the range.