How to Furnish Student Accommodation

September 24, 2018 2 min read

If you are a landlord looking to furnish your student accommodation property, then you probably already to know that you need to provide the right balance in furnishing your property. The balance needs to be struck between buying high quality, stylish furniture which has been built to last - and spending too much money on furniture, which in turn eats into rental profits. At Laura James, we design and manufacture a wide range of furniture - which has been designed to look fantastic for years to come, whilst not breaking the bank.

In this article, we look at what furniture you should provide for the students staying in your accomodation, to attract them in the first place - whilst keeping them happy once they have moved in.

Student Accommodation Bedroom Furniture

The Bedroom is the place in which most students will be spending most of their time (aside from lectures of course…) so make it as comfortable an environment as possible. As well as providing a bed and mattress, consider a chest of drawers/cupboard space too. Desks also make a great addition, allowing extra study in the comfort of their own room.

Student Accommodation Bathroom Furniture

There’s no need to go too over the top with the bathroom furniture, but consider a mirrored bathroom cabinet to ensure that the students can get ready in comfort.

Student Accommodation Living Room Furniture

Although some student accommodation properties choose to cram in an extra bedroom VS a living room space - a student property with a living room is certainly more attractive than one without. In this space, ensure there is a Sofa & TV unit.

Student Accommodation Kitchen Essentials

In the kitchen, it’s a good idea to provide a few key products. Toasters, microwaves and kettles should do the trick, as well as the oven which should already be fitted. Also consider a small dining room table & chairs for the ‘dinner’ parties your tenants will throw.

Student Accomodation Flooring

Again, the flooring does not have to be the very best spec you can find. Although carpets are a good touch in bedrooms - choose laminate flooring for communal areas, simply because of it’s resilience and toughness. Laminate flooring is also incredibly easy to clean!

Student Landlord Furniture at Laura James

At Laura James, our range of furniture has proven particularly popular with landlords of student accomodation who are looking to refurbish, or replace older pieces of furniture which have grown tatty over time. The classic, yet contemporary style of our products, as well as their high quality and tough design - makes them perfect for the demands of living with students.

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