Create Your Own Nature Escape

Create Your Own Nature Escape

When planning your home, you surround yourself with the things you love and that make you feel happy. A sense of calm is important as your home should be a place to feel relaxed and content. This should also apply to your garden. Creating a space that’s both welcoming and relaxing can be achieved with the colours and materials you choose. One of the biggest garden trends this year is all about being immersed in nature. With climate and sustainability being such a huge focus right now, people are more mindful in the way they live; wanting to embrace nature such as growing your own herbs and vegetables or simply attracting more wildlife to your garden. 

Transform the Space  

The idea of nature brings us a sense of tranquillity. When we think of nature we think of natural greenery and warm earthy tones. Create your natural haven by choosing plenty of lush green plants combined with raw and rustic materials such as bamboo or rattan and wood. Opt for comfy seating in natural shades like the Dakota corner sofa or the Hali rope chairs and add a few patterned cushions and a garden rug to complete your garden sanctuary. Adding a few solar powered lights and outdoor candles will also add a calming ambience.  

The Right Furniture 

To surround yourself in plants and greenery is one way to embrace nature, but to really create a stylish and practical space you need to add the right furniture to complete the look. Whether you have a secret hideaway at the bottom of the garden or you want to make use of a large lawn then think about garden furniture that will compliment your outside space. Stylish rattan corner sofas or table sets in dark and natural tones will add texture whilst darker wooden pieces like the Hali table or Kai chair will introduce black and industrial accents for a contemporary feel. 

The Way We Use Gardens  

Since the UK lockdowns we’ve come to appreciate our gardens more than ever, therefore our mindset has changed. The outside space is so good for our mental wellbeing and the garden can be a haven if we want to escape with a cuppa for a break especially if we’re working from home. Taking pride in our gardens also helps create a sense of achievement. Meaning we can really enjoy the outside space when we socialise, relax, and eat. Even when we’re not outside we can still look out to the gorgeous garden view to help us feel relaxed. 

Create your own nature-verse with Laura James home. 

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