How to conquer the clutter

How to conquer the clutter

A tidy home is an essential part of keeping your mind clear, and is proven to help creativity and brain function. Finding the right place to store things can be tricky, but once you’ve got the right furniture you’ll be able to transform a messy house into a home you’ll be proud to call your own.

Keep things concealed, and only display the best 

The greatest tip to keep your home looking less cluttered is to keep things out of sight, and only display your favourite items. Our Anderson storage unit is perfect for keeping clutter out of the way with two cupboard doors to conceal any mess. In four different colourways, the Anderson will match any home decor. 

Anderson storage unit with doors
Anderson Storage Unit 

Think outside the box

Another key element to a tidy home is organisation. Storage boxes will make your home feel less cluttered and can be used in various places around the house. Our Cara fabric storage boxes are a fantastic way to keep items organised in larger spaces, think about using them in an airing cupboard, wardrobe and even under your bed. 

They work perfectly with our Cube storage range too. 

Cube storage unit
Cara Cube range

Choose the right piece for the space

Keep the layout of the room in mind when deciding on a piece of furniture. If you’ve got a small bedroom try not to overwhelm it with large, bulky pieces like wardrobes and tall display cabinets. Why not think about using a large chest of drawers instead to create space to store your clothing. This will also lend a minimalistic feel to the room. 

Stevie 3 over 4 chest of drawers

Stevie ivory white 3 over 4 chest of drawers

For hallways make sure the piece is the right depth for the space; if you don’t have a large footprint think about adding a slim shoe cabinet. For larger entrance ways, mix it up by adding a hallway or storage cabinet

Storage Cabinet

White shoe storage cabinet

Sometimes you have to think outside the box and use pieces in different ways to maximise the space you have. Sideboards are great for storage, so don’t be afraid to use them in other places around the home to provide space to keep clothes, extra pillows, blankets and be more organised. 

Corona Mexican pine sideboard
Corona 3 door sideboard

Clear out the Clutter

Don’t forget that the most important part of keeping your home tidy is getting rid of the unnecessary clutter. As much as we might hate doing it, set aside time in the spring to do a clear out - we promise this will make you feel brand new.

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