One product - four organisation hacks

One product - four organisation hacks

Keeping your house organised can be difficult - whenever you think you’re on top of it you look round and it’s messy again. 

Tidying is often the last thing you want to do when you’ve come home after work, or on your long-awaited weekend off. But, don’t worry our Cara storage boxes will be your saviour. These handy little storage boxes can be used throughout your home to keep all those annoying bits and bobs organised, and out of sight. Make your home a more relaxed environment and your life stress-free by keeping your belongings tidy in these easy-going fabric storage boxes. 


Bookcases can be a minefield to navigate: how do you easily keep your belongings stored, so it looks neat and tidy but it’s also easy to find that important paperwork? Our Cara boxes are the answer. They are a great addition to any bookshelf to de-clutter and arrange your paperwork, books and magazines. So whether it’s sorting out your living room mess or keeping your home office tidy these storage boxes are an easy solution to keeping your home well kept. 

Sole Mate

We all know the struggle of leaving the house, it’s hard enough to get out the door as it is and having to search for the perfect pair of shoes makes it even worse. Eliminate that stress by using these storage baskets to keep shoes tidy. Either create a spacious shoe cabinet using a storage unit combined with our handy boxes or place these fabric storage boxes under your bed for pull out storage solutions. 

Airing cupboard goals 

Add these little baskets into your airing cupboard to keep clothing and towels organised. There’s nothing worse than a messy airing cupboard - socks that go missing and face clothes that can’t be found. Stop searching and level up your airing cupboard with these easy-going Cara baskets. As they have handles they are easy to pull out from higher shelves, making them ideal for keeping your airing cupboard organised. 

Wardrobe Refresh

Wardrobes can be the worst, it’s so easy to chuck things in and close the door, forgetting about how unorganised it is inside. But, with these fabric boxes forget about the pain you feel when trying to get ready in the morning. Keep items stored in these boxes so that they are easy to find. They are great for using with our range of wardrobes to keep their internal shelving tidy. Add hats, bags and accessories to keep them safe and organised - they’re also great for socks and underwear too. 

In two sizes our Cara storage boxes will fit most storage solutions, but please check dimensions before you purchase. 

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