Opulent Christmas Dining with Laura James

Opulent Christmas Dining with Laura James

The Holiday season is upon us meaning its about time to get our homes ready for Christmas. Beyond just the Christmas dinner, creating the ideal Christmas dining experience involves everything from mold wine to table decor. Focus on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere to have your guests in, this may involve lighting a scented candle or putting up a range of Christmas decorations such as lights and tinsel.

What type of dining experience are you searching for? 

Contemplate the location of your Christmas dining with both you and your guests in mind. Do you have a lovely dining room space or an open kitchen space? Think about if you’ll need additional seating or table space if accommodating a larger group of people. If a new dining table is necessary, explore Laura James’ range of extendable choices such as the elegant Amelia Oak dining table. It is offered in various sizes and colours, and you have the option to purchase it with a set of chic Freya Chairs.

Amelia Oak Wood Extendable Dining Table

Do you have a slightly bolder style in mind? 

For those with a slightly different taste, and a daring side, Laura James introduces the Willow Oval Black Dining table. Its striking and eye-catching design features a pedestal base with a tapered slatted design, this wooden table showcases an intricate and distinctive design inspired by Japandi décor. This Dining table accommodates up to 10 people and is the focal point for many Christmas gatherings to come. The Willow collection also includes the Willow Stained black console table - a stylish and practical storage solution for additional crockery and glassware.

A stylish dining table is the centre of the Christmas experience.

 Christmas is the perfect time to be a bit extra and style your table with all sorts of decorations. Take full advantage of this glamourous season and showcase your styling techniques. Whether its name tags, elegantly arranged napkins, homemade crackers, or a creative centrepiece. Alternatively, a less is more approach might be more your style with a few candlesticks, candle holders, and a touch of foliage.

Christmas Table Decorations - Laura James

Alternative space saving solutions

If your dining table is on the smaller side and lacks space for sizable decorative elements, you can still enhance the room’s festive vibe. Place a few baubles in a ceramic vase, position them at the centre of a small or large sideboard, or hang a wreath on an interior door or wall.

Tips to keep your guests entertained.

 If you anticipate being busy in the kitchen, it may be wise to pre-plan for your guests to prevent them from constantly asking for things or idly wondering what to do, Set up a bar cart or a designated drinks area in advance, complete with a selection of festive refreshments and snacks. This way, guests can help themselves and enjoy the celebration without needing assistance.

Contemplate the layout of your home and decide where you'd like family members to gather. If your kitchen is compact, you might prefer to avoid people lingering and chatting while you're busy preparing Christmas dinner. Plan areas where guests can comfortably relax and mingle, with festive tunes playing to create a lively atmosphere.`

Set the finishing touches.

After preparing your tree and setting the dining table, embellish the remaining dining space with subtle touches of festive decor. Place a sprig or two of holly on the windowsill, arrange beautiful, dried flowers and foliage along the fireplace, or add twinkling lights to a retro drink trolley. These small additions will seamlessly tie the look together and establish the perfect setting for a fabulous Christmas dinner.

Craft a stunning Christmas dining table with Laura James.

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