Beds & Bed Frames

A good night’s sleep can be ruined by a bad bed. The right choice of bed can be the difference between a restful and energising night’s sleep, and a draining bad nights sleep. As well as providing a comfortable, stable night’s sleep - it’s also important that the bed frame and unit looks good. A bed is the focal point of any bedroom, and when chosen carefully - can make a stylish addition to both modern and traditionally styled rooms.

Your choice of bed is completely yours, and our only recommendation is that you and your partner can lay side by side with your hands behind your head, and your elbows outstretched - without touching one another.

To help you achieve the dream nights sleep, at Laura James we have sourced an excellent range of beds from a carefully chosen few suppliers who we know follow our uncompromising approach to quality. There are a number of different beds within the range, with our favourites being the clean and classic, white solid wood beds.

As we supply all of our beds online, we are able to pass on impressive discounts to our customers - making us a brilliant choice for those looking for both quality and value in their next bed.

If you have any questions - just get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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