Kids Desks

At Laura James, we are increasingly speaking to customers who are buying a desk for their children to use within the home. Whether it’s in the kids bedroom, in a playroom - or in any other room in the home, our desks serve as a dedicated space where children can sit, learn, do their homework, and study.

It’s very important that the kids desk is their own desk as well, as getting your child to work at the dinner table - or perhaps your desk, will only lead to them being massively distracted by whatever they can find on said desk. Their own desk also ensures that you can put the desk in a space within your home, which is devoid of all of the usual distractions, such as TV.

As your child increasingly uses the desk, you will notice more productive and better homework - as well as a growing sense of pride and ownership in the desk. The area will kept clean and tidy, and will be used throughout your child's school, college and even university studies!

You can view the full range of desks above, and as always - please do just get in touch if you have any questions at all about the range.