Rattan Dining Sets

Unlike our continental counterparts, in the UK, historically we have not been all that great at dining out al fresco. That’s all changing however, and a quick walk through the towns & cities of the UK during the summer months will reveal a fantastic al fresco dining culture, with restaurants, cafes and eateries all offering outdoor space when they can.

This effect has also had an impact on how we eat at home too, with a massive increase in people eating outside in their garden in recent years, making the most of every bit of sun we have. It’s not all about BBQ’s either - standing around waiting for a burnt sausage, beautifully prepared meals are to be enjoyed outside, as well as inside!

A range of rattan dining sets are transforming many garden spaces into extensions of the home, making eating outside a real joy. These dining sets are all made from synthetic rattan, meaning they not only look fantastic, but have been designed to cope with the very best of the british weather. A huge range of dining sets are available, with a number of different seating options available.